Copy of Glen Jansz Coaching Session 6

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Copy of Glen Jansz Coaching Session 6 by Mind Map: Copy of Glen Jansz Coaching Session 6

1. pipeline

1.1. looking healthy

2. Good handle on the business

2.1. different approach how you thinking

3. home front

3.1. things are good

3.2. teenage son going through changes

3.2.1. still a challenge settling down now

3.3. going to gym

3.3.1. this has dropped off

3.4. Focusing on weight

3.4.1. 95KG ideal weight

3.4.2. excersinging more

3.4.3. sore back - walking

4. Action items from session

4.1. Continue to lead sessions to build knowledge and confidence

4.2. Ensure that you are clear in your language with staff so that there is no miscommunications

4.3. Ensure Kelly sees you as an equal and not just a worker

4.3.1. We colloraberate Ask the next question

4.3.2. We are defining the telesales model Define the model by first week August. KPI driven Project Kamal has put this on hold. Meet with team in NSW and work on a strategy for telemarketing

4.3.3. Kelly has resigned last day 17 Decemeber she is staying Give her some time off is she being heard?

4.3.4. Looking for a new Admin Manager

4.4. Email communication stay on point - just list your action items and what you are going to do. sharp and too the point.

4.4.1. Outcome driven

4.5. Read Base Line selling this month

4.5.1. To Be read August to be read in Sept

4.6. Continue working on the abundance sessions

4.6.1. finished 2015 working on 2016 complete by next session

4.7. commence Account plans for top 10

4.7.1. Top 30 plans now Not started as yet December timeline

4.8. Sales Book developed by first week of August

4.8.1. Put examples in the play book about of rejections of Simba list 10 - 15 finalise the playbook Now with Rich the Sales Manager

4.9. Sales Meeting National

4.9.1. Glen to run with it. Now a commercial team New Sales Manger

4.10. invite the contact from Shepparton to Office

4.10.1. not yet

4.11. build relationship with senior staff

4.11.1. personality issue.

4.12. CRM dataBase

4.12.1. Who is going to set this up?

4.12.2. Come up a solution with Kelly

5. holding your own

5.1. Hotel group is where the money is.

6. Travel days

6.1. tend to be Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday

7. Competitors

7.1. 10% of our size

8. scorecard session

8.1. commitment to learn

8.2. 10 bools in the next 12 months

8.2.1. 4 books in the next six months read good to great Baseline selling magic words exponential organisations

8.3. 2016 - 2015 abundance session complete.

8.3.1. next 12 months

8.3.2. completion for 2015 by end of 6 months completed 15 sessions

8.3.3. keep kamal informed

8.4. industry and product knowledge at A level

8.5. mission to grow

8.5.1. WA NSW QLD

8.5.2. WA managing Mandy she runs off at the month MAP out the next six for her manage by email point by point daily huddle on Monday weekly report on Friday value of her pipeline can't seem to tell Glen target of $3M Link up with Senior Managers in Perth $5M contracts to deliver on them

8.5.3. once a month to Perth review her role hold off doing anything until next fin year.

8.5.4. if no improvement by next session will look at changing her out. on hold

8.6. NSW and QLD 12M

8.6.1. WA 7M

8.6.2. Sales play book top 30 accounts in the next 12 month end of July Top 10 done by end of September start in July

8.6.3. us and them culture Day spent in celebrating wins $12m - $25M in turnover in the next couple of years.

8.6.4. outbound operations in the state

8.7. win 5$ Govt 20%

8.7.1. next fin year

8.7.2. out of $14 portfolio $1Million per month

8.8. Telesales

8.8.1. $250,000 next fin

9. wins

9.1. Sunshine Laundry

9.1.1. $55,00 order $100,000 to $250,000

9.1.2. no longer buying off current supplier Simba only

9.1.3. Buying off Simba from November $600,000 PA

10. Continue leading the meetings

11. Sales Manager

11.1. learn from him

11.2. upside.