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AGCAS Social Media for Careers by Mind Map: AGCAS Social Media for
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AGCAS Social Media for Careers

Digital Footprints

Judith Baines

Matt Lingard

LSE, New node

Current offering

digital footprint, Using Internet to enhance your career prospects, why?, Video, linked in for job seekers, Why important, Researching careers, Chat t employers, Creative Job hunting, Employers see you, Marketing jobs, Good to see proactivity, Blogs, Demo writing style, Employer e.g., KPMG, Twitter, Fb, Virtual Chat, How, Get involved, Commenting is a good start, Amazon, Others blogs, CV, Netiquette, Protecting yourself, Privacy settings, Sophos has a good site on settings

Keeping up-to date, Google reader seession

LinkedIn webinar, LinkedIn offer seminars for Careers Services, Personalise contacts, Why do you want to link to them, Researching Employers, Have pages

The future

Drop in social medi

LinkedIn profiles

Twitter session

How employers and graduates are using social media


Issues, Dealing with negative feedback, After interviews

Social media use, LinkedIn, Used for direct hiring, "I,m surprised how many people don't have a proper linked in profile...CV of the future", Most use FB, Ask followers, Post film, Channel to engage with prospective employees

Galant consultancy

Tim Micheal



Now professional blogger

Learn about PR and marketing