Dell's global supply chain

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Dell's global supply chain by Mind Map: Dell's global supply chain

1. Sales

1.1. how?

1.1.1. mail

1.1.2. telephonic

1.2. Entered in Dell's order management system

1.2.1. type notebook

1.2.2. special features

1.2.3. personal information

1.2.4. shipping adres

1.2.5. billing adress

1.2.6. credit card information

2. Production system

2.1. Supplier logistics center

2.1.1. surrounding all Dell factories around the world

2.1.2. different suppliers every component multiple suppliers

2.1.3. staging areas

2.1.4. real-time demand/supply balancing updating stock every 2 hours supplies every 90 minutes

2.1.5. demand shaping demand too high, stock too low small promotion to reshape the costumers order

2.2. Factory

2.2.1. costumers order basic order extra features

2.2.2. just-in-time (strategy)

2.2.3. fabrication improvement during the year redesigned every 12 months codesigned Dell engineers Taiwanese notebook designers Software choice of costumer Dell notebook factory Limerick, Ireland Xiamen, China Eldorado do Sul, Brazil Nashville, Tennesee Austin, Texas Penang, Malaysia

3. Delivery

3.1. shipping

3.1.1. after 4 days without delay

3.1.2. handled by UPS itself

3.1.3. UPS tracking system

3.2. charter

3.2.1. China Airlines 747 ex. out of Taiwan from Penang to Nashville via Taipei

3.2.2. six days a week

3.3. loading to pallet

3.3.1. specified manifest time of arrival what pallet shipping adress

3.4. boxing line

3.4.1. protective foam

3.4.2. shuttle box

3.4.3. label order number tracking code system type shipping code