Running growth for a 500M+ user social network

Talk by George Lee, Head of Growth at Instagram during WMD 2016

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Running growth for a 500M+ user social network by Mind Map: Running growth for a 500M+ user social network

1. The laws of Growth

1.1. Intentionality

1.1.1. Growth doesn't happen on its own

1.1.2. Don't grow until you have product market fit

1.1.3. Have your Head of Growth report to the CEO

1.1.4. Set a goal, but focus on your audience Have never heard of the product, don't have access to it Are new to the product Understand their context and guide them through Use your product, but not really Used your product, and stopped Show them a different product than the one they left in the first place

1.2. Awareness

1.2.1. Have counter metrics

1.2.2. Fix forward every time the product is changing If the main product never changes growth stops

1.2.3. Be quantitive AND qualitative Local understanding of people's needs is very important Eg. Celina Gomez has the most followers, but nobody in India follows her

1.3. Consistency

1.3.1. Motivation gets you going, discipline keeps you growing

1.3.2. The psychology of roadmap frequency Every half Instagram has 3 roadmaps which go sequentially Every roadmap is 2 months long 2 weeks for decision, 6 weeks for execution

1.3.3. Roadmaps beget roadmaps Analytics and Research should also have their roadmap

1.3.4. Keep calm and carry on

2. George Lee, former Head of Growth, Instagram

2.1. @george_lee


3. Thinking about Growth at Instagram

3.1. Visited Heath Ceramics in Sausalito, bought by Catherine Bailey & Robin Petravic

3.2. Close to 20M revenue, amazing growth

3.3. Why do you wanna grow?

3.4. Artist Rodney White from Atlanta

3.4.1. "Growth is optional" Author John C. Maxwell "Change is inevitable. Growth is optional"

4. Q&A

4.1. How is the growth team structured?

4.1.1. Product

4.1.2. Analytics

4.1.3. Research

4.1.4. Engineering

4.1.5. Design