Fueling growth through emotional intelligence

Talk by Everette Taylor, VP of Marketing, Skurt during WMD 2016

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Fueling growth through emotional intelligence by Mind Map: Fueling growth through emotional intelligence

1. Everette Taylor, VP of Marketing, Skurt

1.1. @Everette

2. Emotional intelligence

2.1. "The capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically" - Google

2.2. Data driven

2.3. Voracious learner

2.4. High emotional intelligence

3. Empathy for customers = Accelerated Growth

3.1. Build better products

3.2. Better user experiences

3.3. Better marketing strategies

3.4. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers!

3.5. Growth is a team wide effort

4. Faceless Numbers = Actual people

4.1. EQ allows you a deeper understanding of the actual needs and behaviours of your customers

4.2. Knowing your customers beyond data helps you deliver personal and considerate experiences that a direct effect on retention and word of mouth

5. Da' real MVC

5.1. Most Valuable Customers

5.2. They will be evangelists for your product

5.3. Building the MVC profile

5.3.1. Data + the ability to know your customer = solving the desired outcome from your product

5.3.2. Figuring out your MVC will help you surface appropriate marketing channels, campaigns and tactics

5.3.3. Talk & interact with your customers in order to understand them at a deeper level

6. Conversion rate optimisation through EQ

6.1. 95% of purchasing decisions are based on emotional impulses

6.2. Understanding what emotions get people to buy your product and interact with your app / product is very important

7. Social awareness

7.1. Build diverse teams

8. Leading your growth team

8.1. Learn to delegate and trust

8.2. Self awareness to know that you can't do everything

8.3. Relationship management

8.3.1. Understand the wants and the needs of people that work with you

8.3.2. Don't stop people working on things they're passionate about

8.3.3. High morale in your team = accelerated growth

9. Contributing to your EQ growth

9.1. Step out of your comfort zone

9.2. Travel

9.3. Embrace things and people who are different than you

9.4. Create genuine connections with people that you work with

9.5. Get out of the Silicon Valley bubble to be able to build / market products for the masses