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Academic Writing by Mind Map: Academic Writing

1. Learning paragraph structure  The 3 parts of a paragraph:

1.1. The topic sentence

1.2. Supporting sentences

1.3. The concluding sentence

2. Writing a paragraph

2.1. Learning how to achieve unity and coherence

3. Writing an essay

3.1. Learning essay structure The 3 parts of an essay

3.1.1. An introductory paragraph Learning kinds of introduction

3.1.2. A body Learning ways to organize the of an essay

3.1.3. A conclusion Learning techniques for writing a memorable conclusion

3.2. Writing an essay outlining

3.3. Learning to write 5 different types of essays and analyzing their models

3.3.1. Process essay

3.3.2. Cause/effect essay

3.3.3. Comparison/contrast essay

3.3.4. Argumentative essay

3.3.5. Summary and perephrase

4. Transition words practice