CCO On Podio  Hubs and Club

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CCO On Podio  Hubs and Club by Mind Map: CCO On Podio  Hubs and Club

1. What is Podio?

1.1. Podio is a group discussion and  colaboration tool

1.1.1. It is very similar to Facebook in that you join the main platform then can join private groups (Podio calls them workspaces - CCO calls them Hubs)

2. Who is it for?

2.1. Anyone in the medical coding, billing and practice management community.

3. Why did CCO choose Podio?

3.1. Easy collaboaration

3.2. Organized threaded conversations

3.3. Ability to @mention individuals

3.4. Incredible search capability

3.5. Rate and comment on all items

3.6. Jump from club to hub

3.6.1. Jump from one private group to another in two clicks

3.7. Share files

3.8. Desktop notifications

3.9. Email notices with granular control

3.10. Mobile ready

4. How do I get signed up?

4.1. Step 1 - Signup for Podio

4.1.1. go to signup with other authenticating platforms facebook google live sharefile or provide info separately email name password

4.1.2. verify email address you will receive an email with the subject "Please verify your email address to activate your Podio account" - click the button to confirm

4.1.3. receive confirmation email you will receive an email with the subject "Podio account information" which will contain your password.  Save this for future use. Congratulations you're all signed up with Podio!

4.2. Step 2 - Update Podio Profile

4.2.1. Podio is just like Facebook in that anything you choose to share on your profile is public.  We reccomend removing your email address for privacy and changing your name to a last initial or a screen name.

4.3. Step 3 - Request Invite to CCO private groups

4.3.1. Free Forum - CCO Insiders Hub anyone can join - no CCO purchase required please note the Terms of Service (TOS) you are agreeing to

4.3.2. CCO Club for paid club members

4.3.3. CCO Find-A-Code Hub part of CCO Club purchase or purchased separately

4.3.4. CCO VIP Advocates for those that have signed up for the CCO VIP Advocate program.  VIPs promote CCO and get rewarded for it. The group area is where we discuss promotions (challenges) and rewards.

4.3.5. Student Support Hubs Courses PBC Course FBC Course RAC Course PBMA Course IBC Course ICD-10-CM Course ICD-10-PCS Course MCP Course PBB Course PPM Course MTA Course PathoPhys Course Blitzes CPC Blitz COC Blitz CIC Blitz CRC Blitz CPMA Blitz ICD-10-CM Blitz ICD-10-PCS Blitz Practice Exams (paid versions - free ones are supported in free forum above)