Many gifts to be developed and shared

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Many gifts to be developed and shared by Mind Map: Many gifts to be developed and shared




4. Describe in images and caption how we can help others achieve "wholeness"

5. Mindfulness is the opposite of mindlessness. People tend to forget the easy things, such as attention. Some people loose there focus and attention right away while others are mindful and are have your fully attention. When someone else is talking you should be 100% in the moment which I think means have your 100% attention. We can use this in our daily lives by paying attention to things in life.

6. 3. Being mindful mean 100% in the moment. How could you be mindful in your daily life.

7. Everyone on earth has a gift given from God. That gift that we have can help many people. Things like making charities for others, helping other people, volunteering to help other when you don't have to. You are basically doing something that is benefiting or helping others.

8. Developing the intelligence God blessed us with: God blessed each and every one of us with a gift. Most people do not realize all the gifts they are blessed with but I am sure other people recognize it. Other people are still developing all the gifts we are blessed with.

9. Being a better member of our families: we can be a better member of our families by spending more time with our families, and helping out when someone needs help in your family.

10. Being a friend: you can imrpove yourslef by Being someones friend because that friend can boost your self-esteem and

11. Spirituality is a connection to something bigger than ourselves which can result in positive emotions such as peace gratitude, acceptance, etc.

12. 1. How can we use our many talents to continually improve oursleves in terms of:

13. 2. How can we share the gift of "our time" with others.

14. you can help other achieve wholeness meaning in soul, mind, will, and emotions. Something might be bothering other people inside but they act like they are fine and they don't care on the outside. You can help other people achieve their wholeness by helping them, asking them whats wrong and talking to people about it.

15. mind                                                     spirit                                                   body