Elizabeth Hardy

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Elizabeth Hardy by Mind Map: Elizabeth Hardy

1. Suzie McBride

1.1. A sweet seven year old

1.1.1. Respects people

1.2. She adores her babysitter

1.2.1. She listens to her

1.2.2. Does what she does

1.3. A respectable person

2. David McBride

2.1. A rude grade 6 kid

2.1.1. Does not respect people

2.2. A annoying person

2.2.1. He does not let you share your ideas

2.3. Does not respect his babysitter

2.3.1. He never listens to her

2.4. Does not agree in most cases

2.4.1. He always wants his ideas to be accepted

3. Conflicts

3.1. Big Ideas

3.1.1. Theme is how to survive a water flood

3.1.2. There trust problmes

3.2. Main conflict

3.2.1. Peron  versus Nature

3.2.2. Wanting to make it alive out of a water flood

4. Characteristics

4.1. Friendly

4.1.1. Talks with proper manners

4.1.2. Has a kind heart

4.2. responsible

4.2.1. She did take well care of the kids

4.3. Mature

4.3.1. She made food for the kids when there mom and dad where late