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Gentrification by Mind Map: Gentrification

1. New York state Gov

1.1. Creates and passes new development proposals

1.1.1. Creates and passes laws Appoints new government officials

2. New York City Gov.

2.1. Proposes new developments most which directly effect the city and therefore contribute to gentrification

2.1.1. Allows and creates laws that aid private developers Major players like Bill De Blasio and Michael Bloomberg were apart of this part of gov

3. Michael Bloomberg

3.1. Created billion dollar re-developments that mostly benefitted more affluent people

3.1.1. Re-zoned 37% of NYC in his time as mayor This resulted in private companies being to build high rise condos in neighborhoods where it wasn't allowed before Created 450 miles of new bike lines which some connect to gentrification with the type of people who these bike lanes brought to neighborhoods

4. Bill de Blasio

4.1. Prioritizing private developments by creating programs that benefit them

4.1.1. Created Affordable Housing Act benefits private developers and is not accessible to the "poor" or those who affordable housing is intended for

5. Gentrifier

5.1. People that buy into the "urban lifestyle" by purposefully moving too low income neighborhoods when they are affluent themselves

5.1.1. Consumes in large chain stores/businesses rather than local ones Is oblivious to as to how their actions directly affect the neighborhood Takes advantage of the changes that benefit them without thinking about how it can negatively affect neighborhood

6. Gentrified

6.1. Getting priced out of their homes due to raised rents higher property values etc

6.1.1. Being forced to sell their property Not being informed of neighborhood changes /not participating in helping change the neighborhood Examples:not voting in local elections,not participating in community board meetings and or, participatory budget meetings etc