Forms and Functions

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Forms and Functions by Mind Map: Forms and Functions

1. External forces = are forces which act on an object or structure from the outside.

1.1. Example of external forces are gravity, push, or pull. External forces on structures would be wind, earthquakes, weight of people on the floors, etc.

1.2. External forces have a point and plane of application

2. Weight vs. Mass

2.1. Mass = the quantity of matter in an object - we measure mass with a scale (units = Kg or g)

2.2. Weight = force of gravity acting on an object - we measure weight with a spring scale (units = N)

3. Form and function

3.1. Form = how an object or structure looks

3.2. Function = what the object is made to do

4. Forces

4.1. forces have both direction and magnitude

4.2. applied force (non-contact) v.s. contact forces

5. Classifying structures

5.1. Solid structures ex. bridge made of concrete

5.2. frame structures ex. Eiffel tower

5.3. Shell structures ex. an egg or a helmet

5.4. combination structures ex. human skeleton

6. Internal and External forces

6.1. Internal forces = are forces which act between different parts of the same structure

6.1.1. Types of Internal forces are compression,, tension. torsion and shear