ideas for a short film

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ideas for a short film by Mind Map: ideas for a short film

1. Characters

1.1. Sakura

1.1.1. Sakura lives with her parents Hiro( dad) Liona (mum) and and her twin (brother) Kyou and (sister) Yuki. Sakura's family moved to Basingstoke after living in Japan for must of her life. SAkura is 16 years old and she is going to start college at Queen Mary's college.

1.2. Jamal

1.2.1. Jamal knows Annie outside of college because they are second cousins. It is his first year at college. Jamal is a every protective person and he has a lovely heart.

1.3. Zack

1.3.1. Zack is also doing a sport course and has been doing it for a year. Zack home life isn't great his brother Lucas is in care but Zack gets 2 see him every weekend. The only goal Zack has is to get his brother home with him and his mum.

1.4. Tom has been at college for the past 2. Tom doesn't know Annie but has seen her around college. Tom likes to play football he is doing a sports course at college.

1.5. Annie

1.5.1. Annie is 18 yeasrs old and has been at Queen Mary's college for a year. Annie doesn't like being stick at home she is a very out going person and loves to dance.

1.6. Tom

2. film ideas for communication

2.1. Talking about what courses they do at college

2.2. Talk about what skills you need what using communication.

2.3. talk about life at college

3. Genres

3.1. Romance

3.2. Comedy

3.3. Horror

3.4. Drama

3.5. sci-fi

4. Story

4.1. Sakura is a 16 year old girl from Japan and now lives in Bingstoke and has started college at Wueen Mary's college.

4.2. Sakura makes friends with Annie and Jamal

4.3. Tom and Zack come into the story later.

5. Location

5.1. College

5.2. Explsion

5.3. Spetrum building