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Capstone by Mind Map: Capstone

1. Week 5 - The Academically Responsible Student

1.1. Sometimes what's going wrong is not our IQ or performance. It's is just become we don't have the right attitude. We sometimes convince ourself that we are certain type of person or have one specific view about something, this attitude leads us to repeat the same dead ends.

1.2. We definitely should follow the rules of school and laws of the state. Those are counted as ethereal one. We should also try to be a gentlemen.

2. Week 6 - You are Here

2.1. What I have learned from so far includes not only academic knowledge, but also how to become a well-educated college students. By that I mean, I certainly learn a lot from classes. MA113 and EM104 greatly expand my knowledge. I also learn a lot from my friends and students from the same hall. They teach me how to be a funny person and most importantly, a gentlemen.

2.2. We can definitely grasp lots of chances. Events like career fair and IM SPORTS are opportunities we can improve ourselves.

3. Week 7 - Keep Calm and Carry On

3.1. I do feel stress sometimes. Especially when I got a extremely low grade in MATH one time, I talked to the professor to solve my problems about math, then I review my things and did better on the later quiz. The best way to deal with stress is to find the reason leads to the stress and solve it.

3.2. I can play XBOX or play basketball if I want to stress out. Those are the things I recommend

4. Week 7 - Keep Calm and Carry On Week 8 - The Socially Responsible Student

4.1. Title IX is a landmark federal civil right that prohibits sex discrimination in education

4.2. I recognize we have to follow each law of what Til

4.3. I won't and I will not participate in any sexual discrimination or assault. If I find out anything that is related or even just potential sexual assault. I will make action and do proper things that help to victims

4.4. Those two chapters also help me to realize the evil of controlled drugs and alcohol. Those things greatly reduce someone's judgement and ability to refuse

4.5. We also need a clear verbal consent on approval of sex before we do it. Such thing is strongly serious. A women's no means no.

5. Week 9 - Let's Get Real

5.1. the first quote of Einstein is about thinking outside of the box, we can't solve the answer by repeating the wrong methods. Try to think differently or simply change the perspective could help us reach the answer   the second quote is telling us that we should fully acknowledge resources around us. We can't achieve what we expected if we don't know how to properly use the tools.

5.2. This is the first quarter of me staying in Rose-Hulman,  I believe I can see the potential of being a successful person. Undoubtedly, success is based on hard working and ceaseless trying. And those things is what I am trying to achieve during four years of Rose-Hulman

6. Week 1 - The Rose-Hulman Experience

6.1. Attending Rose-Hulman means we are getting the world's greatest engineering resources and becoming one of the elite engineer in the world

6.2. College means students have to take much more responsibility; students should recognize their career goal and their benefits to the society after they graduate

7. Week 2 - Establishing a Balance

7.1. Rose-Hulman provides facilities and resources that we can utilize in campus. Places like Learning Center and library are great places we can improve our scores. SRC, tracks and tennis court are places we can use to relax and enjoy the time after hours of study

7.2. One big difference between high school and college is the schedule. out parent and teachers used to help us making schedules and wake us up. Things change completely when we enter the college. We have to make our own schedule and it is definitely not easy. I believe an extremely detail calendar will help.

7.3. My current sleep habits is healthy I guess. I usually go to bed around 11 and get up around 8. I really don't think I should change my sleep habit right now because I'm feeling comfortable with the one I'm using and it is healthy in the same way.

8. Week 3 - The Intentional, Effective, and Efficient Student

8.1. From what I learned from this chapter, long-term of meaningless study is never a good plan. I used to believe time represents everything in study. By that I mean if someone study more, he will get more. However, the reality is a effective and productive short-term study is what we needed.

8.2. What I did is after I finish doing exercise in the evening, I am in a great mood and condition so I can work for another hour or two to finish the homework which is due by midnight. I think this is a perfect plan and I am really proud that I came up with this idea.

9. Week 4 - Learning is a Collaborative Process

9.1. I think I have utilized most of Rose-Hulman's facilities. I have been to Hatfield, Academic Building, Learning Center, etc. Even though it is a small campus, Rose-Hulman is well-organized.

9.2. I recently tried to work with someone and it went pretty well. Others could explain my doubt perfectly and gave me the correct answer. I used to believe a collaborate group is not sufficient enough, but it turned out to be working very well


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