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Pilgrimage by Mind Map: Pilgrimage

1. Custom

1.1. Are festivities that unite thousands of people to peregrinate

2. Journey

2.1. Pilgrimages are planned trips and are specific

3. Retreat

3.1. Is a retreat from the routine to enjoy a history of emotions when experiencing new cultures

4. Commemorate

4.1. Pilgrimages serve to commemorate specific or important dates

5. Dedication

5.1. Each of these experiences is a dedication to giving time to make or enjoy them

6. Memorial

6.1. Some pilgrimages serve to remember or to make memory on the acuridos facts

7. Experience

7.1. Every trip or every pilgrimage is a unique and unforgettable experience for the sake of being special and emotional

8. Goal

8.1. For people who start a pilgrimage and fulfill it they feel that they fulfilled a goal

9. Accomplishments

9.1. Is a culmination with a pilgrimage and is rewarding for each person

10. Adventure

10.1. Each pilgrimage is a different adventure to the other for each person there are different experiences

11. Traditional

11.1. For many people it becomes a tradition and that is why they peregrianan every year

12. Destinacion

12.1. Each pilgrimage culminates in a place of destination and also where thousands of people arrive

13. Rites

13.1. Each pilgrimage is a rite for the simple fact that specific steps are taken