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MY LIFE by Mind Map: MY LIFE

1. Values

1.1. Family and friends

1.2. Compassion for others

1.3. Working for things

1.4. Respect and trust

1.5. Freedom

1.6. Being Reliable and needed

1.7. Self respect

1.8. Moral Ethics

2. Individual

2.1. Having a life and be well off

2.1.1. college

2.1.2. Wanting to have a good life and being positive about it

2.2. To visit Ireland, Greece, Rome, or Egypt before I die

3. Community

3.1. Make a difference

3.1.1. The middle school

3.1.2. My emotion on helping people being good

4. Family

4.1. Having a family and being married

4.1.1. MAHS

4.1.2. Being open and remebering things

5. Career

5.1. Find a job or something that I love to do

5.2. Continue to play soccer in college if not longer

5.2.1. The Soccer Ball

5.2.2. The emotion of wanting to do better

6. Dream