AFL Grand Final in WA

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AFL Grand Final in WA by Mind Map: AFL Grand Final in WA

1. Recources

1.1. Land

1.1.1. Grass

1.1.2. Materials Iron Plastic

1.1.3. Space

1.2. Labour

1.2.1. Staff Umpires Paramedics Coachs Team Players Workers Security Gate Security Behaviour Secutity Field Security

1.3. Capital

1.3.1. Stadium Iron Plastic

1.3.2. Equipment Balls Football post Scoreboard Lockers Change Rooms Cameras Seats

1.3.3. Transport Planes Cars Taxi Buses Trains

1.4. Enterprise

1.4.1. CEO

1.4.2. Managers

2. Income

2.1. Sponsorship

2.1.1. Advertisements

2.2. Raffles

2.3. Participant fees

2.3.1. Spectator Fees

2.4. Merchandise

2.4.1. Team Merchandise

3. Indirect Impacts

3.1. The household sector provides the firms sector with recources

3.2. the firms sector then uses them recources from the household sector to prodice goods and services to the house hold sector

3.3. The Firms sector gives the Household sector with income

3.4. With the income recieved the household sector then purchase goods and services

4. Products and Services

4.1. Drinks

4.1.1. Coke

4.1.2. Alchohol

4.2. Commentating

4.3. Food Stall

4.4. Food

4.4.1. Hot Dogs

4.4.2. Hot Chips

4.4.3. Snacks

4.4.4. Chocolate