Indo-European branch

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Indo-European branch by Mind Map: Indo-European branch

1. Kurgan Theory- that the first Proto-Indo-European speakers were Kurgan people that lived on the Russian border near Kazakhstan area. These people were herders and warrioirs that used horses as weapons and conquered much of Europe and South Asia.

2. Niger-Congo family

3. Sino-Caucasin

4. Nostratic

5. Austric

6. Afro-Asiaitic

7. Sino-Tibetan

8. Renfrew Theory- that Pronto-Indo-Euopean speakers lived 2000 years before the Kugans and lived in part of present day Turkey. Instead of military conquest, this theory suggests agricultural practices diffued the Indo-European family because the langauge spread faster through more populations growing food instead  of relying on hunting

9. Austronesian

10. Indo-Iranian

11. Indo-Arayan

11.1. Lahnda

12. Balto-Salvic

13. Romance

14. Germanic

15. Sinitic

16. Tibeto-Burman

17. Burmese

18. Mandarin

19. Wu

20. Min

21. Yue

22. Benue-Congo

23. Yoruba

24. Igbo

25. Shona

26. French

27. Spanish

28. Portuguese

29. Italian

30. English- Origin- Germanic invasion caused the Angles, Jutes, and Saxons Germanic tribes to go around Europe and influenced the language. Norman invasion caused England to be conquered by the Norman which caused a language switch from English to french and caused a drift between people. The Vikings came to England in the 9th century and they were defeated for trying to conquer the islend, but remained in the country by enriching the langauge with over 2000 words.

31. Germany

32. Javanese

33. Vietnamese

34. Russian

35. Ukrainian

36. Polish

37. Hindi

38. Bengali

39. Arabic

40. Farsi

41. Pashto

42. Indonesian