The Electromagnetic Spectrum

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The Electromagnetic Spectrum by Mind Map: The Electromagnetic Spectrum

1. Radio Waves

1.1. What are they used for?

1.1.1. They are used to make popcorns!Also astronomers use them to study about the structures of nearby galaxies including the milky way.

1.2. What other thing in life can they be used for?

1.2.1. They can be used for terrestrail television communication.

1.3. What systems are the waves produced by?

1.3.1. They are produced by oscillating electric currents in a transmitting aerial or antenna.

2. Microwaves

2.1. What are Microwaves?

2.1.1. They are radio waves with very short wavelengths.

2.2. What are they produced by?

2.2.1. They are produced by special electronic devices such as the klystron tube.

2.3. What are they used for?

2.3.1. They are used for satellite communication.Satellite television and mobile phone networks make use of microwaves too!

2.4. What are they used to do in our daily lives?

2.4.1. One of the ways microwaves are used in our daily lives is when we heat up food in a microwave oven.

3. Visible Light

3.1. Can it be seen?

3.1.1. This is the only part of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be seen with our eyes.

3.2. What are visible light?

3.2.1. Examples of visible light is the colours of the rainbow,which consists of the following colours:red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo and violet.

4. Ultra-Violet Rays

4.1. Are these harmful?

4.1.1. Yes,they are emmited by the sun and it is the Ultra-Violet rays that causes sunburns on our skin.If the skin is exposed to Ultra-Violet rays for too long,it may cause skin cancer

4.2. What are they used for?

4.2.1. They are used to detect counterfeit money and are used in sunbeds.

5. X-Rays

5.1. Uses of X-rays?

5.1.1. They are used by doctors and dentists for checking of broken bones,cracked bones or fractured bones and dental inspection respectively.

6. Gamma-Rays

6.1. examples of things that have gamma rays:

6.1.1. Nuclear power plants,Big particle accelerators(these can only produce gamma rays sometimes.)and the last but not least The Universe.

7. Infra-red Radiation

7.1. What does infra-red mean?

7.1.1. Infra-red means beyond red.These waves are just beyond the red end of the electromagnectic spectrum.In actual fact,every object emit infra-red radiation.

7.2. What are they used in?

7.2.1. They are used in intruder alarms and remote controls.