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Word of the Day by Mind Map: Word of the Day

1. Pengertian

1.1. strategi dalam mengajarkan penguasaan kosa kata kepada pembelajar

1.2. Teaching a new word a day in the context of a meaningful subject -matter lesson and facilitate student discussion that requires students to use the new word.

2. Manfaat

2.1. it enables  students  to  master  the  vocabulary they  need  to  learn  to  read  and  to  read  to  learn

2.2. it can  help  at-risk  students  expand their general  vocabularies  and  attach  meaning  to  technical  words

2.3. develop conceptual thinking skills

2.4. develop creative thinking skills

2.5. develop systematic thinking skills

2.6. build deeper understanding

2.7. engage learners actively in the  learning process

3. Cara membuat

3.1. instruktur menyiapkan kartu-kartu kata

3.2. Pembelajar mengelompokkan kata-kata

3.3. Pembelajar mencatat kata-kata

3.4. Pembelajar menuliskan arti kata-kata tersebut