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Rocks really rock! by Mind Map: Rocks really rock!
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Rocks really rock!

5) What affects Rocks?



Wind, Tornado, Hurricane

Seasonal changes

Rain, Water, Rocks in water Study, Changes that occurred?, Color Change, Water volume increase, Other observations?, Journal observed changes, terms, can even draw picture

1) Discovering Rocks

Observe Rocks

Colors, Types, Sizes

Discuss Terms

Create Word chart

2) Describe Rock Types

Foss Kit

Study 3 types of rocks, Scoria, Tuff, Basalt, Journal New Terms, Vocabulary

3) What are Rocks Made of?


Discuss (ex. Calcium, Aluminum, Sodium)

Observe sizes, Sand, Pebble, Gravel, Boulder, Foss Book, Journal new terms, Vocabulary

4) Rock Study with tools

Foss Kit

Observe rocks with magnifying lens, Discuss color, cracks, things unseen before, Who are Geologists? We are!, Vocabulary

6) Earth Materials


Mountains, Caves, What needs mountains & caves?

Ocean, Sand, What needs sand?

Soil, Grass, What needs soil & grass?

Story & Pictures

7) Objects Made of Rocks


Tile, Brick, Masonry

Other items?


Completed Journal Log


Student Portfolio