Essence of An Angel

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Essence of An Angel by Mind Map: Essence of An Angel

1. Main Characters

1.1. Charlotte Elizabeth Fields

1.1.1. Protagonist. 17 yrs old. Love interest of Daemon. Wavy reddish brown hair with gray eyes. Light Divine. Powers don't fully come in until her next birthday. Power- Absorption (can absorb other people'd powers temporarily). Sweet and shy, doesn't adapt well to change (which sucks because her whole world just got turned upside down). Fatal Flaw: Always runs away from a fight. Easily manipulated; needs to become more of her own person.

1.2. Lucille Avery Edwards

1.2.1. Antagonist. Charlotte's mom's (Gwen) and Aunt Maddy's estranged sister (twin of Gwen). 47 years old. Evil, pure evil. Killed Charlotte's (and, consequently, her own) family. Wicked and twisted. Demon- Power of possesion. Killed family because she loved Charlotte's dad, Arthur, and so did Charlotte's mom. Arthur chose Gwen (never even noticed Lucille, truthfully) and they got married. Lucille disappeared on their wedding night and was never seen again until the murders. And of course, only those she killed saw her and half of them didn't even know who the hell she was. Didn't kill Charlotte because she was saving her for last. Knew she (Charlotte) was Arthur's favorite (yes, he had a favorite, sorry) and wanted him to see her killed, so she is holding him hostage in a super duper secret lair. Wants him to "finally notice her" and "love her like he loved Gwen." Fatal Flaw: greed and spitefulness.

2. Setting

2.1. Beginning(Prologue)

2.1.1. Stalwart, Michigan

2.2. After Chapter One

2.2.1. Rose Hill, Illinois

3. Plot Summary

3.1. Charlotte Fields is the sole survivor of her familie's tragic murder. Her life seems to be falling apart as she is forced to leave everything she ever knew behind. When she moves to Rose Hill, Illinois to stay with her beloved eccentric Aunt Maddy, Charlotte comes face to face with family secrets that seem impossible. What will she do when she's thrown into a world of magic, betrayal, and mystery?

3.2. New Idea

4. Secondary Characters

4.1. Maria Isabelle Cruz

4.1.1. Charlotte's BFF. 17 years old. Bubbly and outgoing and occasionally overwhelming to some people (totally not Lottie or Daemy >.> ). Goes through boyfriends like gum: spits them out once they lose their flavor. Gorgeous, and knows it. Big flirt, not opposed to using her beauty to get what she wants/needs. Don't be mistaken though, she always has the best intentions. Can act like a mother sometimes, very protective. Loves dancing. Her family has quite a bit of money, as well.

4.2. Madeline Julianne Edwards

4.2.1. Charlotte's eccentric but dearly beloved aunt. Older sister of Gwen and Lucille Edwards. 50 years old. Object Shifter. She used to travel a lot, has many stories and a wide collection of things she got from her trips. She used to visit the Fields in Michigan often as well. Became very close to all the Fields children. She has an aura of power about her. Her eccentricity turns some people off, but she never even thinks about turning it down. Though she is usually very open, sometimes she can become very distant very quickly.

4.3. Elliot Daemon Woods

4.3.1. Charlotte's love interest. 18 years old. Uses his middle name. Was told by a psychic when he was 12 that he would save somebody very important to him someday. It constantly haunts him because the only person (pre-Charlotte) that was ever important to him was his mother. She left his father before he could even speak and they lived a hard life, hopping all across the country, living from paycheck to paycheck. He's a very closed book; his mom and Charlotte were the only people he ever opened up to. When he was 15, his mother died of cancer. Before she dies, he thought she was the one the psychic said he was supposed to save. Ever since she died he's been looking for the person, but it's difficult because no one has ever been very important to him besides his mom. The psychic said he'd know when he met them, but he's worried he won't. He can seem to be emotionless at times, but it's because he feels a lot and doesn't want anyone to know. His Fatal Flaw: Not knowing when to stay and when to go.

5. Magic

5.1. Lunar

5.1.1. Walkers Can walk through a specific substance and us it to transport. Eg. shadows

5.2. Solar

5.2.1. Shifters Can morph their form or the form of others/objects.

5.2.2. Elementatlists Can bend a specific element. eg. water

5.3. Divines

5.3.1. Angels Light Divines. Have powers that generally benefit others or would be associated with 'light.' Not necessarily good.

5.3.2. Demons Dark Divines. Have powers that would be considered 'dark' that benefit only the Demon. Not necessarily evil.

6. Outline

6.1. I. Beginning (Summer)

6.1.1. A. Intro 1. Meet Charlotte 2. Introduce situatuion

6.1.2. B. Goodbye, Michigan 1. Flight to Illinois 2. Airport at Illinois 3. Going to Aunt Maddy's house

6.1.3. C. Hello, Rose Hill 1. Aunt Maddy's Mansion 2. New Room, Old Stuff 3. Dinner 4. Goodnight, old life. Hello, new life.

6.1.4. D. Exploring Illinois 1. These Four Walls a. Getting to know Aunt Maddy's Abode 2. Outside The Gate a. Town b. Coffee?

6.1.5. E. A New Friend For Charlotte 1. A Visit That Smells Like Espresso a. Maria stops by b. Charlotte tells Maria about her 'situation' c. A friendship is formed

6.1.6. F. A Day With Maria 1. Shopping Is So A Sport a. Boutiques are visited and many a fitting room is used 2. Let's Chat Over Lunch a. Nom nom nom 3. Presenting Maria's Humble Estate a. Charlotte is surprised b. Apparently every bedroom is a master bedroom in the Cruz house c. Goodnight, Maria! xoxo Charlotte

6.1.7. G. How Peculiar 1. Elliot Daemon Woods- AKA Daemon (or Daemy... teehee!) a. A less than 'daelightful' introduction b. Daemon has a change of heart c. Maybe friends, maybe not? d. D: "Lemme think about it." C: "Alright. >.>" e. Goodbye for now, daer!

6.1.8. H. Maddy's Study 1. Quite a Lot of Books a. This one looks interesting... b. What is this stuff? c. "Is that.... my mother?" d. What's that Woods kid doing in here? 2. Broken Branches a. Family tree b. Who's Lucille?

6.1.9. I. When A Not-So Stranger Calls 1. Charlotte Gets a Phone Call a. It's Daemy? b. Watchu want, boy? 2. House Guest a. Dae Comes To Visit b. Are You Two Friends Yet?

7. Theme Songs

7.1. Novel

7.1.1. Our Farewell by Within Temptation

7.2. Main Characters

7.2.1. Charlotte Fields Pale- Within Temptation

7.2.2. Lucille Edwards Ever- Emilie Autumn

7.3. Secondary Characters

7.3.1. [Elliot]Daemon Woods Terrified- Story of the Year

7.3.2. Maria Cruz Dear Maria, Count Me In- All Time Low

7.3.3. Madeline Edwards

8. Fields Family

8.1. Parents

8.1.1. Arthur 48 years old. Very talented cellist. Non-magical. Never knew Lucille loved him. Really didn't notice her much, even if she was Gwen's twin sister. Was deeply in love with Gwen, and would do anything for her. Alive, held hostage by Lucille.

8.1.2. Gwen 47 yrs old. Twin of Lucille and sister of Maddy. First killed."Gwen was a wild spirit- nothing and nobody could settle her once she got wound up. And she was wound up more often than not. New things, dear things, little things, they were all like electric shocks to her. Once she saw them she would dive into them, devour them, treat like the most prized treasures. My mother would get a look in her eye sometimes, like she could see deeper into things that the ordinary person was blind to. " Possibly a Shifter?

8.2. Children

8.2.1. Thomas Oldest sibling. 22 yrs old. Scholarly.

8.2.2. Katherine 20 yrs old. Practical, but liked having fun, or her version of it anyway.

8.2.3. Genevive 19 yrs old. Super close to Charlotte. Liked to pretend and think she lived in a fantasy world. She is a Demon, a power sucking one. But she is totally good.

8.2.4. Charlotte

9. Finished a Novel

9.1. Yay! You did it! ^.^

10. Didn't Finish/Gave Up

10.1. Boo. You suck. >:{

11. When You Want To Give Up

11.1. Don't. ;)

12. Writer's Block

13. Plot/Short Outline

13.1. Plot holes/explanations

13.1.1. How Dae and Lottie Meet <3 When he [Daemon] was younger, he was told a prophesy saying he would save someone's life someday. Prophesier didn't tell him who, though she saw her (AKA Lottie) in the vision. Prophesier found A.M. and asked her to set up a 'sanctuary' (that's what the barn is going to be) for magical beings. Knew Dae would need a place to go once his mom died (saw that in a vision after meeting him) and wanted to make sure he met Lottie, so she sent him to A.M. A.M. introduces Lottie and Dae after telling Lottie about magic after she (Lottie) finds her )Aunt Maddy's) hidden library with books/scrolls/passages/etc. on the magic world.

13.2. Summer

13.2.1. Fields family-Charlotte=killed. Charlotte goes to Illinois to live with Aunt Maddy. Aunt Maddy has big old farm home- is refurbishing barn (to house other magical beings- Rose Hill= sacred in the magical world). A.M. came to Rose Hill a year ago- same as Daemon, who A.M. set up living quarters for him (it's just a small apartment though) because his mom died. Anyway, after a week Lottie goes to West Danport and meets Maria. Maria=non magical. Maria finds out about magic b/c A.M. tells Charlotte that she should know (she is connected to Lottie b/c they quickly become BFFs) or else she'd be in more danger. She also spends a lot of time around the house. Lottie and Maria go out often- Maria likes to dress up Charlotte :P- and that is also another way they become BFFs. Introduce Daemon sometime later. Aunt Maddy introduces him to Lottie one night/day/afternoon telling her that he and she are magical, and so is Lottie and so was her mom and sis Gen. They spend the summer trying to figure out what Lottie's powers will be. Then one day they get a note- it's from Lucy saying to watch out, b/c she could show up at any moment. They kick the training into overdrive, but to no avail. Lottie will not get her powers until her 18th b-day in April, but Lucille doesn't know this, she thinks she already got her powers. Over the summer, Dae and Lottie fall in loooooove. ^.^

13.3. Fall/Winter

13.3.1. Lottie;s birthday is coming closer- it's in November. They still have no clue as to what her powers are going to be. Lottie's b-day comes. She discovers her powers when she absorbs A.M's powers. They begin training her all the time. Then, another letter from Lucille comes. This time, she announces something big- she sends a picture of Arthur, alive, being held hostage. Things are tense as they await Lucille's coming. In the mean time, Lottie, Dae, and Maria go out occasionally, just to ease the mood a tiny bit. A.M. says to never let Lottie be alone- Lucille could easily snatch her or kill her. Christmas and New Years come and go somewhat festively.

13.4. The Battle

13.4.1. It's February and the day has come- Lucille sends yet another letter and says where she will be meeting them (don't know where just yet). They go, and, lo and behold, there is Arthur, being held hostage by Lucille. Lucille demands only Lottie duel with her, or she'll possess Arthur and kill him. Lucille doesn't know Lottie's gift, but Lottie hasn't yet mastered it. Lucille toys with Lottie for a while, then possesses her. She does some stuff, and then slowly starts to try and make her kill herself (but not actually, because she's controlling her... okay, over explaining things). Dae yells out to Lottie, and for a quick second she is able to use her powers and absorbs Lucille's powers. Lucille un-possesses (I doubt that that's a real world) her, and is weakened, but strong enough to possess a bird in a flock that was flying overhead. She gets away, but the battle is over.... for now.

13.5. Conclusion

13.5.1. No one knows where Lucy went. Things are tenser than ever, but okay for now. They have Arthur back, and Lottie is overjoyed at this fact. The story concludes with a last letter from Lucille (last for this book) saying: "I'm getting stronger." End scene!