Spanish 1: In My School

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Spanish 1: In My School by Mind Map: Spanish 1: In My School

1. Communication

1.1. Discuss school schedules and daily activities

1.2. Talk about how someone feels

1.3. Describe classroom objects and clothing

1.4. Say things that people do

2. Cultures

2.1. Identify Hispanic influences in U.S.

2.2. Compare own school to schools in Spanish-speaking countries

3. Connections

3.1. Refine their writing, speaking, and test-taking abilities.

4. Comparisons

4.1. Compare and contrast aspects of Spanish-speaking countries with own personal country/culture.

4.2. Improve their grasp of English grammar and language arts

5. Communities

5.1. Recognize the influence of the Spanish language in the U. S. through authentic materials

6. Grammar

6.1. Making introductions

6.2. State locations

6.3. Talk about feelings

6.4. Using the verb "ser" and "estar"

6.5. Definite/Indefinite articles

6.6. Using adjectives

6.7. Present tense -ar verbs

7. Vocabulary

7.1. People

7.2. Classroom Objects

7.3. Daily activities

7.4. Classes/School schedule

7.5. Identify cognates

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