Negotiation Excellence: Successful Deal Making

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Negotiation Excellence: Successful Deal Making by Mind Map: Negotiation Excellence: Successful Deal Making

1. 1. Planning and Preparation for Effective Negotiation

2. 2. Setting (and Choosing) the Table: The Influence of the Physical Environment in Negotiation

3. 4. Creativity in Negotiations

4. 5. Social Capital in Negotiation: Leveraging the Power of Relational Wealth

5. 6. Trust Building, Diagnosis, and Repair in the Context of Negotiation

6. 7. Power and Influence in Negotiations

7. 8. Power and Influence in Sales Negotiation

8. 9. Negotiation Strategy

9. 10. Personality and Negotiation

10. 11. Judgment Bias and Decision Making in Negotiation

11. 12. The Role of Gender in Negotiation

12. 13. Mindfully Managing Emotions and Resolving Paradoxes in the Context of Negotiations

13. 14. Physiology in Negotiations

14. 15. Understanding Negotiation Ethics

15. 16. Navigating International Negotiations: A Communications and Social Interaction Style (CSIS) Framework

16. 17. Building Intercultural Trust at the Negotiating Table

17. 18. Indian Negotiation Style: A Cultural Perspective

18. 19. Negotiating the Renault-Nissan Alliance: Insights from Renault’s Experience

19. 20. The Arcelor and Mittal Steel Merger Negotiations

20. 21. The Emotional Underbelly of Collaboration: When Politics Collide with Need

21. 23. The Role of Communication Media in Negotiations

22. 24. Negotiation via (the New) Email