Jungle of Calais

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Jungle of Calais by Mind Map: Jungle of Calais

1. minors unaccompanied

1.1. Squalid conditions

1.1.1. crowed, muddy tents

2. Only 72 childrens reunited

2.1. 178 more children with relatives welcomed in UK  for the future

2.1.1. and 200 without relatives but accepted for humanitarian reasons deeply uncertain position for the others

3. France planned dismantling

3.1. Britain accelerating steps

3.1.1. admit dozens of children

4. Process of admission can take up 11 months

4.1. France criticized handling of the issue

4.1.1. unbearable strain

5. Early treaty makes France the principal migrant gatekeeper for Britain

6. Human Rights group denounced the plan of demolition

6.1. Hightest court approuved demolition of shops in the Jungle = contradictory

7. Diversions for children

7.1. makeshift school

7.1.1. fights among adults Trying to cross the Eurotunnel every night

8. France scramble to find places for Afghan and African

8.1. Mayor of Beziers put ut posters

9. Failing process

9.1. Faulty paperwork

9.1.1. application resubmitted