Personal Loan Recapture Mar 7, 2017

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Personal Loan Recapture Mar 7, 2017 by Mind Map: Personal Loan Recapture Mar 7, 2017

1. Personal Loan Recap-Strategy

1.1. Pricing Committee:

1.1.1. Prep Committee 1 Month Ahead of Offer Request with strategy/statistics

1.1.2. Request Approval of Offer- LTV/Term/rate, etc.


1.2.1. Historical Statistics (results) & Estimated Impact

1.2.2. Set Pre-Screen Criteria (risk)- Marketing & Credit Bureau Lending to Submit Raddon Request to Marketing

1.2.3. Confirm Timeline with stakeholders: vendors, Lending Leadership, Marketing, Service Delivery Leaders, Compliance.

1.2.4. Review NTO's & Did Wells from Previous

2. Personal Loan Recap-Vendor Managment

2.1. Credit Bureau: TransUnion

2.1.1. Prescreen Job Marketing Pulls Direct Mail/email list per Raddon Request Lending to QC data file Marketing sends file to Credit Bureau with record count Credit Bureau reviews file & develops OSL & screening Criteria Lending reviews/approves OSL, including completion dates and screening criteria Credit Bureau sends Final Layout & reports to WSECU; Data file to Mail House

2.1.2. Timeline- 4 weeks to process at TU OSL Delivery? Data file From Credit Bureau to Mail House & Final Reports?

2.2. PL Recap Mail House: Kaye Smith

2.2.1. Statement of Work- PL Loan Recap 2.2017 After OSL received from Credit Bureau develop SOW and send to Kaye Smith for estimate and timeline

2.2.2. Timeline- 4 weeks to process from File Delivery by TU PL Recap 2.27 Data File from Credit Bureau? Artwork/Envelope/Mailing details? PL Recpap 2.17 Data proof QC- Delivery & Due Date? PL Recapt 2.17 Letter Proof QC- Delivery & Due Date?

2.2.3. Message (letter/email)

3. Personal Loan Recap-Quality Control

3.1. QC- Compliance

3.1.1. Review Strategy/Offer

3.1.2. Review Screening Criteria

3.1.3. Review Message/Disclosure

3.2. QC-Consumer Lending

3.2.1. Offer- Matches Lending Guidelines

3.2.2. Message/Offer Matches Pricing Approval.

4. Personal Loan Recap-Communication

4.1. Service Delivery/Contact Center

4.1.1. Message (sample)

4.1.2. Dates/Offer/Contacts (Op Details)

4.1.3. Timeline

4.1.4. Internal Promo (if any)

4.2. Lending

4.2.1. Message (sample)

4.2.2. Dates/Offer/Contacts (Op Details)

4.2.3. Timeline

4.2.4. Internal Promo (if any)

4.3. Compliance

4.3.1. Message (sample)

4.3.2. Timeline

4.4. Marketing

4.4.1. Message (sample)

4.4.2. Dates/Offer/Contacts (Op Details)

4.4.3. Timeline

5. Personal Loan Recap-Execution

5.1. Technology

5.1.1. PL Recap 2.17 Lending Origination Systems (LPQ/CUDL)

5.1.2. PL Recap- 2.17 Symitar (Comments/tracking records)

5.1.3. Op Details on SharePoint

5.1.4. Messaging on FEBE

5.2. Mail/Email Drop

6. Personal Loan Recap-Reporting

6.1. PL Recapture 30 day Results

6.1.1. 30-60-90 day results

6.2. PL Recapture 60 day Results- Pricing Package

6.2.1. Campaign Code reporting