Factors that affect Canadians participation in physical activity/sports.

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Factors that affect Canadians participation in physical activity/sports. by Mind Map: Factors that affect Canadians participation in physical activity/sports.

1. Schools:                                                   -schools encourage and take part in Daily Physical Activity (DPA)                    -high schools require all students to take part in grade 9 gym class               -schools implement health and fitness classes, to encourage a healthy life style, and provide knowledge of proper nutrition and activity

2. Media:                                                     -people often want to look like celebrities and sport icons                     -watching athletes in various sports, encourages one's drive to succeed, and master the particular sport like their role models                                   -famous Canadian athletes that inspire youth to play particular sports, example; hockey, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, and swimming

3. Cost/Location/Time:                               -some sports are too expensive in order to play, causing low income families to not afford them, example; hockey is very costly, and not a lot of kids have the funds to participate                          -some people may live too far from local recreation centres, which could cause a challenge to participate in physical activities offered by their recreation centers                                   -some families have very busy life styles, or parents may have a strict work schedule, causing no time to commit into physical activities

4. Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD): -shows Canadians the importance of being active for overall health                -with the assistance of coaches, kids become more driven to become more physically active                                     -LTAD is coach driven                             -with the 7 stage model of the LTAD, it focuses on training and development

5. Friends and Family:                                 -parents can enroll their children in sports at a young age to encourage a healthy and fun lifestyle                         -individuals friends and family may invite them to use gym facilities            -children who grow up in active households, usually continue to live the healthy life style they were brought up in

6. Health:                                                     -some injuries can cause an individual to have setbacks from physical activities     -certain health problems, and bodily dysfunctions can cause an individual to not be active at all                                   -due to health situations, individuals are encouraged and advised by their doctors or physicians to participate in frequent and daily physical activity to improve their overall health