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UZ Internet by Mind Map: UZ Internet
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UZ Internet

Main Access

Current TI-DIS

unresponsive to request for upgrade

everybody in GEN2->TI-DIS camp having probs

Move to GEN3

DiginetPlus via MUT with grant, Diginet should be more responsive to requests than TI-DIS.

Neotel local lead/fibre?

Supplementary DSL

Stellenbosch are using 3x1Mbps DSL links, uncapped, to provide proxy access to facebook/myspace/youtube type stuff    

No ADSL in kwaDlangezwa

ZWN to provide last mile

Host DSL at ZWN or R/Bay?

What type/size DSL ISP bundle?

compare to local-over-Diginet costs @ R8K/month/2Mbps

Inter Campus Link

Need until SANReN/Neotel


wait for proposal...


approx R8K/month/2Mbps

Use R/Bay GEN3 DSL for student overflow

up link to 1536kbps Intl

Carry VoIP traffic?

Shaping issues?

Future: SANReN


Fibre promised in "few months"

Enterprise Wireless?


Use TCS F/W squid proxies on each link

Separate proxy for ZWN DSL?

QUORUM3 for B/W accounting

Policies on lab use

Limit max student sessions

Limit max session time in labs

also, control proxy selection

DNAT management

assign subnets/users to proxies tranparently

proxy selection in QUORUM3 portal?

allow additional services?