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Business Page by Mind Map: Business Page
0.0 stars - 0 reviews range from 0 to 5

Business Page

Types: - restaurant - music venue - theatre

Member only


relationship status summary, whether its one of my hangouts, number of photos i've contributed, number of (my) reviews

my friends reviews highlighted

my reviews highlighted

friends who hangout here


comment on review

turn on / off ..., notifications of offers and updates, notifications when someone comments on my review

shortlist, Save to / remove from shortlist, Send shortlist to friends, Clear shortlist


Write review



Genre, (Restaurants Only), Cuisine, Music venue / theatre Only, Type of business

Offers, title, text, how to redeem (must be a member)

Contact, address, phone, web

Average ratings, stars, (Restaurants only), service, food, price, Bars, music, price, drinks, (quality)

Photos, Official photo

Who hangs out here, photo, name

What's nearby, similar restaurants along this road, bars along this road, arts venues along this road

Music venue/theatre only, Events Listing, title, times, prices, type (special/events/theatre)

How to get there, Google Map showing location, distance from nearest Tube

most similar restaurants

average price main meal (restaurants only)

(advertisers only), More photos in the gallery, Updates from the Business (Blogs), Advertorial


Profile details - who hangs out here

Profile details - photo contributor

music venues / theatres only, event details

(advertisers only), business own website

Business only

this is more like a group than a person page (in Ning)


(advertisers only), page visits this month, how many new members this month, date last login, how many new reviews this month


Add / change photos in gallery, select from patron photos, upload a photo

Edit contact details

Edit events (music venues and theatres only), Add Event, Edit Event, Delete Event

Add/edit blog entries

Edit Main Course Price Range (restaurants only)

(advertisers only), Edit About Us page, Upload Menu (restaurants only), Edit Offers, Create new offer, Edit and Existing Offer, Delete offer, Send Message to members

Sub Category Listing