English 11 Q1 Reflection AVG: 99

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English 11 Q1 Reflection AVG: 99 by Mind Map: English 11 Q1 Reflection AVG: 99

1. How to get that 100

1.1. As a person I am never settled with anything short of perfection. So a 99 will not be acceptable until i receive a 100

1.2. I recieved a 90 on a vocab quiz. I am not sure what I got wrong because I could not find it.

2. Development

2.1. As this class went on I started to understand how this class works and that being late with work is not horrible, as long as its your best work.

2.2. I enjoy your style of teaching because it allows our minds to be creative. Mr. Whitty has a style like this and it allows us to escape the ball and chain of conventional school thinking which i enjoy.

3. Evidence

3.1. Seflie Slides

3.1.1. I received a 100 on this for adding great detail and passion into it my power point.

3.2. September Letter

3.2.1. I did the Snapchat Letter and received a 100 which i feel i truly deserved because my snaps showed was I cared about in life which was primarily my family.

4. New Ideas

4.1. Idea 1

4.1.1. I think in class we showed review our vocab more because I feel vocab is a huge part of the SAT which im trying to work towards a high score on.

4.2. Idea 2

4.2.1. I think group projects are very good because they develop communication skills and at time myself I notice I try to do things on my own with no help because I feel like im the only one who can do it right.