Five Senses Thematic Unit By: Marijean Wisted & Jordan Jacobson

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Five Senses Thematic Unit By: Marijean Wisted & Jordan Jacobson by Mind Map: Five Senses Thematic Unit By: Marijean Wisted & Jordan Jacobson

1. The sense of touch helps us learn about our world by feeling it and exploring the size, texture, shape of different objects.

1.1. Circle Time Feely Box

1.2. Bristle Blocks

1.3. Texture Painting

1.4. Sandbox Letters

2. The sense of smell helps us to enjoy life.

2.1. Smelling Bottles

2.2. Flower Sorting

2.3. Bakery Field Trip

2.3.1. The bakery is the final trip planned in this unit. Parents/Guardians will be asked to join in this exploration of senses in the community. Thank you for viewing our mind map, any questions?

3. We have the ability to see many different colors and shapes

3.1. Baked Bead Sun Catchers

3.2. Giant color Wheel

3.3. Colored Celery Experiment

4. Hearing helps us learn from each other through communication. Also, sound can produce patterns.

4.1. Car Sounds in Block Area

4.2. What's That Sound?

4.3. Magnet Bells!

4.4. Sight Senses

5. Our tongues taste things that are sweet, salty, sour, and bitter.

5.1. Taste Test

5.2. Taste Categories at Circle Time

5.3. Our Tongues Taste

6. Introduction Activities

6.1. I Can Hear a Pickle By: Rachel Isadora

6.2. Five Senses Song

7. Through the activities in each concept we indicate and explore objectives and each individual child development indicators

7.1. Language and Literacy

7.2. Physical

7.3. Arts and Creativity

7.4. Social/Emotional

7.5. Approaches to Learning

7.6. Cognitive

8. As students are developing physically and cognitively they are becoming more interested in exploring the earth around them. This theme will give them the chance to further explore in a safe, responsible way. Another piece of information that aided in creating this theme is the fact that a large number of preschool children continue to put toys and materials in their mouths and are continuously asking, “What is that smell,” and not knowing how to describe the smell. We have decided to take a break from usual holiday and seasonal themes to incorporate a theme that will be continuously useful in the future, the five senses. We will be utilizing this theme for two weeks in a preschool classroom of ages 3-5 with 15 students.