Easy Recruiter With Task Master

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Easy Recruiter With Task Master by Mind Map: Easy Recruiter With Task Master

1. Module 1-Start here

1.1. Create Your Own Copy

1.2. Read Instructions Manual

1.3. Confirm Tasks Completed

2. Module 2-Build Your Branding Infrastructure

2.1. Sign Up for Linked In account

2.2. Sign Up For Facebook Account

2.3. Sign Up for You Tube Account

2.4. Sign Up for Twitter Account

2.5. Your Self Branding Blog

2.5.1. How To Purchase Domain Name

2.5.2. How To Purchase Hosting Account

2.5.3. How To Link Domain to Hosting

2.5.4. Why Order a Syndicated Ready Blog

2.5.5. Order Blog Now Link

3. Module 3 - Set Up your Funded Proposal

3.1. File : How to Set Up Funded Proposal

3.2. Copy Your Affiliate Links

3.2.1. GVO - Hosting

3.2.2. Syndicated Blogs

3.2.3. 7 Minute Mini Sites

3.2.4. Aweber Auto Responder

3.2.5. Magnetic Sponsoring

3.2.6. Unique Article Wizard

3.2.7. Completed All Affiliate Links

3.3. Create Your Own Capture Page

3.3.1. Create optin form on landing page How to create Aweber Optin form How to upload Form into Site Using and Alternative Optin Form Optin form task Completed

3.3.2. Registering Landing Page Domain

3.3.3. Setting Up GVO Hosting

3.3.4. Install Wordpress Database On Hosting

3.3.5. Install 7 Minute Mini Site Theme How to load Sales Copy HTML Get HTML Landing Page Code Sales Copy Task Completed

3.4. Set Up Your Follow Up Emails

4. Module 4 - Market You Funded Proposal

4.1. Facebook Syndication Tribe

4.2. How To do Content Marketing

4.2.1. Helpful Tools to Use Magic Article Rewriter How to use Magic Article Rewriter Purchase or skip it Completed Transcription Services

4.2.2. Join these Ezines Ezine Go Articles Article Dashboard Isnare I have joined these ezines.

4.2.3. File: Generate Leads with Articles

4.3. How To do Forum Marketing

4.3.1. Join these Forums Better Networker Warrior Forum Honest Work From Home Net Marketing Forum I have joined these forums

4.3.2. File: How to leads on forums

4.4. Completed Reading Training Docs

5. Module 5 - Recruit for Your Opportunity

5.1. File: How to recruit for your business

5.2. Completed reading this resource

5.3. Get Magnetic Sponsoring

5.4. Read Magnetic Sponsoring Completed

6. Module 6 - Advance Training: Build Your Own Product

6.1. How to Create your Own Product

6.1.1. How to Get Hosting

6.1.2. Configuring your Domain name

6.1.3. Creating a webform

6.1.4. Create your Capture Page

6.1.5. Create your first eBook

6.1.6. Download Free capture page software

6.1.7. Where to find content for ebook

6.2. Advanced Training Waiting List