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Easy Recruiter With Task Master by Mind Map: Easy Recruiter With Task Master
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Easy Recruiter With Task Master

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Module 1-Start here

Create Your Own Copy

Read Instructions Manual

Confirm Tasks Completed

Module 2-Build Your Branding Infrastructure

Sign Up for Linked In account

Sign Up For Facebook Account

Sign Up for You Tube Account

Sign Up for Twitter Account

Your Self Branding Blog

Module 3 - Set Up your Funded Proposal

File : How to Set Up Funded Proposal

Copy Your Affiliate Links

Create Your Own Capture Page

Set Up Your Follow Up Emails

Module 4 - Market You Funded Proposal

Facebook Syndication Tribe

How To do Content Marketing

How To do Forum Marketing

Completed Reading Training Docs

Module 5 - Recruit for Your Opportunity

File: How to recruit for your business

Completed reading this resource

Get Magnetic Sponsoring

Read Magnetic Sponsoring Completed

Module 6 - Advance Training: Build Your Own Product

How to Create your Own Product

Advanced Training Waiting List