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BLACK by Mind Map: BLACK


1.1. Suits ---> Shows a characters elegance and charm. The characters are portrayed to the audience as smart and sophisticated. In action, this is used on the hero too. It shows that they are serious and powerful - ready to begin any mission.

1.2. Tight black dresses ---> Supports the male gaze as the female characters show a more enchanting and luring side to them. Their tight dresses allow them to show off their figures whilst the colour black keeps the look subtle and classy.

1.3. The Villains ---> Black has a sinister undertone to the villains as it shows that they are powerful and evil enough to create bloodbaths in scenes. This causes the audience to fear the villain not just by their deranged personality but also by how they are presented on TV.

1.4. The heroes ---> A dominant esence is given when the hero is wearing black as they are powerful and create a positive impression on the audience. A sense of mystery is given to the hero as, when on quests, their costumes are  normally different from their ordinary life.  The other characters do not usually know who Batman is in real life. E.g. Bruce Wayne in Batman. As black usually illustrates negativity, it also makes the audience question what is the hero like in real life. This engages the audience more to the movie as they are put into the same position as the other characters, who do not know the hero is, to question his identity but also support this stranger as they're fighting for justice.


2.1. Dark

2.2. Gloomy

2.3. Mysterious

2.4. Dull

2.5. Black lighting puts on edge the audience. The dark, gloomy, mysterious setting brings fear to a viewer because at anytime something might strike. They enter a world of unknowledge with the hero, or even victim, where they cannot see a thing; anything can happen. Neither the viewers nor characters know what is about to happen. It is quite enigmatic. A sense of fear is encouraged as what might happen next may just about cause a cheery crying but also may be scarring and painful to watch and be a part of. Furthermore, this is given by the dullness of a scenery. The audience expect that something will shock them whilst having to view a boring scene. They become more vigilant and cautious; the attention in the movie rises as the audience are impatient to proceed away from the bore and get to the good stuff.

3. Its connotations

3.1. Elegance

3.1.1. Formality

3.1.2. Class

3.2. Power

3.2.1. Dominance

3.2.2. Sinister undertone of dark powers

3.2.3. Evil

3.2.4. Mainly used on the villains

3.2.5. Rich

3.2.6. Smart

3.3. Death

3.3.1. Sorrow

3.3.2. Pain

3.3.3. Suffering

3.4. Darkness

3.4.1. Fear

3.4.2. Mystery

3.4.3. Crime

3.4.4. Enigma

3.5. Opposite of White

3.5.1. Connotations of White Pure Fragile Inocence Goodness Light Cleanliness

3.5.2. Black creates a complete contrast of the colour white. This makes the audience lose the feeling of the connotatioins of white during a film.