The Project Business Case

The Business Case sets out the basis for a project. This shows the typical contents of a Business Case and includes a link to a Business Case Template to Download for Free. Learn more on the reason for the business case Get a Business Case template

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The Project Business Case by Mind Map: The Project Business Case

1. How to identify risks

2. Reasons for the project

2.1. Describe the reasons for the project

2.2. explain how the projects fits into the corporate and programme strategy

3. Solution options considered

3.1. document each of the options that have been considered to deliver the business benefits

3.2. explain the why the chosen option was selected

4. Expected Benefits

4.1. set out the benefits in measurable terms

4.2. an assessment of the project success will be made against these expected benefits

5. The risks

5.1. summarise the risks that could affect the delivery of the project outcome

5.2. these will be risks to achieving the ROI and benefits rather than delivery risks

5.3. Risk Register of Common project risks

5.4. Common Risks in Construction projects

6. Investment Appraisal

6.1. provide an analysis of the cost of the project against the expected benefits over time.

7. Milestones & key dates

7.1. outline the project costs and milestones

7.2. these will be drawn from high level programme and project plans

7.3. How to identify and use Milestones

8. Business Case Template