Social Issue: Negative Attitude of Rape

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Social Issue: Negative Attitude of Rape by Mind Map: Social Issue: Negative Attitude of Rape

1. Social Inequalities 1:                                 Women are already seen as the weaker sex and therefore, any sexual predator will and can rape her. Rapists see women as willing participants in sex and do not listen to or believe the words "no" or "stop".

2. Social Roles 2:                                            Some family members and friends of the rapist will not or cannot believe that the individual is capable of rape and will start defending them, or talking down about the victim. The family and friends will spread rumors and do as much as possible to paint the victim as a liar and fraud.

3. Social Roles 1:                                           Some male family members (fathers, uncles, etc.) of the rapist advise and show younger male family members that the female is weak, therefore they can control her by whatever means necessary. Some young rapists grow up seeing and hearing the rape of family members, which solidifies that this type of action is acceptable.

4. Cultural Beliefs and Biases 2:                             A lot of cultures  believe that a woman who has been raped was so because of her looks, lifestyle or because she led them attacker on. If the woman is a "party-er" and flirts too openly then she obviously asked to be raped.

5. Cultural Beliefs and Biases 1:                            Some cultures believe that a woman who has been raped, even if she is not at fault, is no longer fit for decent society and will be shunned. She is now "dirty" and cast out by her family and friends because she brought shame upon them.

6. Social Inequalities 2:                                           A good majority of rape victims, regardless if they raped by someone they know or by an unknown attacker,  usually come from a well off or wealthy society. You don't hear about a rape victim being a homeless person, or somebody that does not have the clean, attractive outward appearance.

7. Existing Social Conditions 1:         The "Brotherhood" of fraternities, gangs, etc., certainly plays a role in rape. Males from these groups are challenged to show their strength or "manhood" by having sex with a target or victim. Add to the usual parties or meetings that go along with these groups (drugs, alcohol, etc.), a male will feel brave about forcing themselves onto whoever they choose.

8. Existing Social Conditions 2:         Some entertainment choices (movies, video games, etc.), can give the rapist or would-be-rapist the idea of the act of rape. In some movies and video games, there are scenes where a powerful character is seen as a hero because he "got the girl". The rape victims usually object at the beginning of the rape, but then give in and all is okay with the world. Or the character gives off the impression of "adrenaline junkie high" for getting away with something so horrible and not getting caught.