Identifying me (Age group: 5 years old)

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Identifying me (Age group: 5 years old) by Mind Map: Identifying me (Age group: 5 years old)

1. Element:

1.1. Colours

2. Nationality (Syasya)

2.1. Name of activity:

2.1.1. Singapore Tree

2.2. Instructions:

2.2.1. 1) Give children template of a bark of the tree with its branches.

2.2.2. 2) Children to collect leaves to paste on the template.

2.2.3. 3) Children to paste a variety of pictures given, that they can choose themselves based on what they think represents Singapore.

2.2.4. 4) While pasting, teacher is to prompt children to touch the different textures of the leaves and tell them to note which texture is easier to paste on the paper.

2.3. Technique:

2.3.1. Nature Collage

2.4. Art form:

2.4.1. Collage

2.5. Medium:

2.5.1. A4 paper with template of tree, collected leaves, pictures of what represents Singapore, scissors, glue

2.6. Element:

2.6.1. Texture

3. Gender (Clarissa)

3.1. Name of activity

3.1.1. Create your friends

3.2. Instructions

3.2.1. 1) Teacher to give an A4 sized template, one half side would be a girl, another half would be a boy

3.2.2. 3) Children would paste clothing on the boy and girl. Then use their finger to paint the clothes and activities that they paste on the girl or the boy.

3.2.3. 2) Teacher would print out activities or materials that girls and boys do. Example, school bag, action figures or princess dolls.

3.3. Technique

3.3.1. Finger painting

3.4. Art form

3.4.1. Painting

3.5. Medium

3.5.1. A4 template with a girl and a boy, materials or activities printed out, paint, palette

3.6. Element

3.6.1. Texture, Colours

4. Race (Sandra)

4.1. Name of activity: Colour their clothes

4.2. Instructions:

4.2.1. 1) Teacher will give children a piece of A3 paper with templates of Chinese, Malay, Tamil and Eurasian's traditional clothes.

4.2.2. 2) Children will paint the templates with their fingers.

4.3. Technique:

4.3.1. Finger painting

4.4. Art form:

4.4.1. Painting

4.5. Medium:

4.5.1. Template of the traditional clothes on A4 paper, paint,

5. Age (SiawTian)

5.1. Name of activity : Scratch your age

5.2. Instructions

5.2.1. 1) Teacher will divide a A3 paper into two and cut it out

5.2.2. 2) One student will get one paper

5.2.3. 3) Children will get a chalk and fully colour the paper wit

5.2.4. 4) Children will use black paint to paint the paper over

5.2.5. 5) Wait for the paint to dry

5.2.6. 6) Children will scratch out their age with a toothpick

5.3. Technique

5.3.1. Chalk etching

5.4. Art form

5.4.1. Painting

5.5. Medium

5.5.1. Paper

5.5.2. Chalk

5.5.3. Black acrylic paint

5.5.4. Toothpick

5.6. Element

5.6.1. Texture