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1. Race

1.1. Name of Activity:

1.1.1. Friendship Comes in Many Colours!

1.2. Instructions

1.2.1. Have the children mix what they think they perceive their skin colour is.

1.2.2. Then have them paint a friend’s hand and have them write down the nationality of the friend.

1.2.3. Teacher can guide them and explain to them the culture of the different colours

1.3. Technique

1.3.1. finger or thumb painting

1.4. Art Form

1.4.1. Painting

1.5. Medium

1.5.1. Paint (peach, white, brown, black, and orange) and white paper

1.6. Element:

1.6.1. colour

2. Age

2.1. Name of Activity

2.1.1. Painting Flowers

2.2. Instructions

2.2.1. The teacher will first demonstrate finger and thumb painting. She will dip her fingers or thumb into the paint and then place her painted fingers onto the paper to give off a petal effect and create a flower from there.

2.2.2. Since the children are 5 - 6 years old, they can paint flowers with 5 or 6 petals or paint 5 - 6 flowers on their paper.

2.2.3. The teacher is to then give an A4 Drawing Paper to each children and tell them to explore the different paints by mixing the colours together to form green, purple, orange and lighter or darker colours.

2.2.4. They can also paint their face onto the paper and paint flowers on themselves to show their age.

2.2.5. After the children are done with their artwork, their work will be left to dry.

2.3. Technique

2.3.1. Finger/ thumb painting

2.4. Art Form

2.4.1. painting

2.5. Medium

2.5.1. Tempera Paint (Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Black) A4 Drawing Paper Small Containers to put water in for children to wash their hands when they want to change the colours.

2.6. Element

2.6.1. Colour and Form

3. Nationality

3.1. Name of Activity

3.1.1. We are Singaporeans!

3.2. Instructions

3.2.1. Provide the children with paper and paint

3.2.2. Allow them to use their fingers and paint what is their favourite thing in/about Singapore.

3.3. Technique

3.3.1. Finger/thumb painting

3.4. Art Form

3.4.1. Painting

3.5. Medium

3.5.1. A3, washable paint (red, blue, yellow,black and white), palettes

3.6. Element

3.6.1. colour

4. Gender

4.1. Name of Activity:

4.1.1. :Be who you want to be

4.2. Instructions:

4.2.1. The teacher will show the children how to do finger painting

4.2.2. The children will be given paper to paint themselves and their dream occupation.

4.2.3. The teacher will review these drawings, and explain to children that they can be anyone they want to be. Girls can be soldiers, boys can be nurses.

4.3. Technique:

4.3.1. Finger painting

4.4. Element:

4.4.1. Colour

4.5. Art Form:

4.5.1. Painting

4.6. Medium:

4.6.1. Washable Paint in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Beige

5. Age Group: 5-6