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Geneology of Christ by Mind Map: Geneology of Christ
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Geneology of Christ

This chapter shows an immediate result of a new nature of man, death. Of these who are mentioned in Chapter 5 only 1 man doesn't die, rather is translated unto God - Enoch

Gen 1


Adam given Dominion

It was GOOD

Only after creating Man and Woman was it "Very Good"

Gen 1:27 - It is important to understand that no matter the case, we are ALL made in the image of God, and should be treated thus.

The TOledot Structure of Genesis

Gen 2

Gen 2:4

Gen 2:24

Gen 3

The Fall

Gen 3:15 - Protoevangelion

Be careful to think the Creation story is a metaphor as it implies that there was no Adam, there how can there be a second Adam?

Gen 4

Obviously we are introduced to Cain and Abel - Right after the fall, we readily encounter Murder. Sin is a result of the Fall. However, even after the Fall and now living deep in sin, there is still an acknowledgment of who God is through their sacrifice.

Gen 4:25 - The Birth of Seth gives us Hope as he begins a new lineage of Christ.

Gen 6 - 9

Increasing Corruption


God ALWAYS saves a remnant

Gen 9:2 - Be fruitful and multiply

Sons of Noah

Gen 10

Table of Nations or the Toledot of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japeth

Gen 10:32 - "from these Nations"

Gen 5

Gen 11

Tower of Babel

Gen 11:10 - Generations of Shem

Gen 12

The Promise to Abraham

Gen 13

Abraham and Lot Seperate

Gen 14

Abraham Saves Lot

The Mechelzidek Preisthood blesses Abraham

Gen 15

God offers Abraham a covenant - God promises Abraham a son! Unless there is someone to take up the blessing, the blessing means nothing!

God promises Abraham that wherever his feet go he or his heirs will inhabit it. This covenant is sealed with God himself passing through the divided carcasses of the sacrifices. He in effect is saying, if I don't keep my promise to you, may I also be divided.

Gen 16

Sarai and Hagar

Gen 17

God offers a covenant of Circumcision

God speaks to Abraham regarding his promise to him in a past tense. God then changes Sarai's name to Sarah, and is promised a child to fulfill the promise without Human interaction

Gen 18

Isaac is promised

Abraham pleads God to save Sodom

Gen 19

Sodom is obliterated!!! (Lot's wife becomes the worlds first saltlick)

Gen 21

Isaac is Born - The son of the original Abrahamic Covenant

Abraham is 100 years old when Isaac is born

Gen 22

Sacrifice of Isaac

Gen 25

Toledote - Gen 25:19 - The Generations of Isaac

Gen 26

Gen 26:3 - The promise is transferred to Isaac

God repeatidly says he is the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Gen 29

Gen 29:31

Gen 34

The story of Dinah being defiled

Gen 32

Gen 32:28 - Jacobs name is changed to Israel

Gen 36

The Toledote of Esau

Gen 37-51

The Joseph Narative

Gen 38

The story of Judah and Tamar