Video Game Inquiry

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Video Game Inquiry by Mind Map: Video Game Inquiry

1. Advantages of video games

1.1. Gamers are more interested in history

1.2. Playing video games helps ease pain

1.3. Gamers make faster disitions

1.4. Gamers are less likely to bully

2. The business of video games

2.1. Some companies are very successful

2.2. some companies can lose so much money just from one game

2.3. Everything in the video game buisness has grown so much

3. Where is the equity

3.1. Games that you can create your own character

3.2. Some games you can play as women

3.3. Some games you can change the color of your skin

4. Why people enjoy video games

4.1. Interesting to play

4.2. Very amusing

4.3. You have to use strategies to play

5. Disadvantages of video games

5.1. Video Games are addicting

5.2. You can get computer vision sindrome

5.3. Violent video games produce violent children