Donald Trump/Decision to run in the Presidential Election

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Donald Trump/Decision to run in the Presidential Election by Mind Map: Donald Trump/Decision to run in the Presidential Election

1. Reasons for Running

1.1. Want to Create More Jobs

1.1.1. Establish Project Administration Procedures

1.1.2. Establish Quality Control Procedures

1.1.3. Establish Progress Control Procedures

1.1.4. Establish Change Control Procedures

1.1.5. Establish Issue Resolution Procedure

1.1.6. Review Project Control Procedures

1.2. New Policies/Reform of Policies

1.2.1. Identify Project Resources

1.2.2. Recruit Project Steering Committee

1.2.3. Recruit Project Coordinators

1.2.4. Identify / Recruit Key Stakeholders

1.2.5. Determine Training Requirements

1.2.6. Map the Project Organization Chart

1.2.7. Review Project Organization

1.3. Want to Give Power Back to States

1.3.1. Estimate Project Costs

1.3.2. Identify and Quantify Benefits

1.3.3. Determine Break-even Point

1.3.4. Analyze Risk

1.3.5. Review Business Case

1.4. Want to Make American Great Again

1.4.1. Prepare Initiation Stage Assessment

1.4.2. Review Initiation Stage Assessment

1.4.3. Follow-Up Initiation Stage Assessment

1.4.4. Compile Project Initiation Report

2. Con's

2.1. Possibility of Getting Slandered

2.1.1. Would have to think about anything that could be said about him that may or may not be true

2.2. Possibility of Not Getting Elected

2.2.1. If not elected the slander could effect his businesses

3. Pro's

3.1. Possibility of Getting Elected

3.1.1. Being elected would allow him to make changes that he feels would be beneficial to the United States

4. Think about the Pro's and Con's of Running

5. Strategic Planning for fighting against slander because if he knew what was going to come out, he could plan for it and have a rebuttal.

6. Tactical and Strategic Planning for his reasons for running. Tactical planning by having policies written with the help of his political advisors. Strategic planning by having a plan on how to deliver his message to people.

7. Donald Trump had to think about the pro's and con's when deciding to run for president. He also had to layout his reasoning for wanting to run. He had to use internal factors such as his personal beliefs and what changes he wanted to make if he was elected president. The external factors would  be advice and support from his advisors and supporters. I think he had to work with them in order to feel like he had a chance at winning the election before he decided to run.

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