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DreamHost hosting by Mind Map: DreamHost hosting

1. Services

1.1. Virtual Private Server

1.1.1. Advantages Works with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS GORKA Approved PHP5, Python Secure Shell (SSH) One-Click Installer Unlimited MySQL DB Unlimited Email Accounts Saves money with 1 year suscription

1.1.2. Disadvantages Doesn't offer Admin Access (SUDO) Doesn't have CPanel

1.1.3. Plans Basic Features Advanced Features Medium Features Premium Features

1.1.4. Bussiness, eCommerce, developers

1.1.5. WHY? You can manage your own virtual machine without sharing resources but the physical machine

1.2. Managed Wordpress Hosting

1.2.1. WordPress, blogs

1.2.2. Advantages Pre-installed WordPRess Support multiple sites

1.2.3. WHY? It's easy if you want to start with WordPress and you don't want to take care of anything else

1.3. Dedicated Server

1.3.1. Apps, agencies, high traffic

1.3.2. Advantages High performance Large ecommerce websites Allow reseller hosting

1.3.3. WHY? You can manage your own machine with your own resources. Total control

1.4. Shared Hosting

1.4.1. Webs, blogs, portafolios

1.4.2. Advantages Great for Startups Cheaps

1.4.3. WHY? Easy to set up, cheap, for people who doesn't have much idea

2. Requeriments

2.1. Credit Card

2.2. Register (account)

3. Steps

3.1. Select your service

3.1.1. Select your plan Pay Configure