Māori Customs (mind-map)

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Māori Customs (mind-map) by Mind Map: Māori Customs (mind-map)

1. MY THOUGHTS. Maori culture is very important to me considering i am part Maori myself. I feel as if living (being born) in New Zealand we should all embrace our Maori whakapapa and roots. Much people aren't enthusiastic towards learning about other cultures and that's why I will be speaking about the Maori customs.

2. Over time these customs have faded away and aren't much of a big deal anymore.

3. Kapa Haka. Is a Māori performing arts where you can express and showcase your heritage and Maori culture.

4. One thing New Zealand does once every year is Māori language week (Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori)

5. Hongi. A traditional Maori greeting in which people press their noses together.