Tenner - identity and choices

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Tenner - identity and choices by Mind Map: Tenner - identity and choices

1. Revenge

1.1. In the start of the film. Where he damage the store

2. Jealousy

2.1. On the boy in the store

2.2. On everyone who has 2 legs

3. Devastated dreams

3.1. When he can't play football anymore

3.2. When he burns his posters

3.3. He doesnt care about anything

4. Bad choices

4.1. When Pardip call the police instead of an abulance

4.2. When Homer damage the store

5. Let down

5.1. By the society. When the dont read his file

5.2. His grandad. because he is criminal and the grandad does nothing, maybe he is calling for help?

6. Alone

6.1. He has no friends

6.2. He only talk to his grandad

6.3. He doesn't go to school