Both leraning new stuff every day.

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Both leraning new stuff every day. by Mind Map: Both leraning new stuff every day.

1. Technology Class

1.1. More advanced

1.2. Always learning somthing new and faster then ever.

1.3. Technologly is excpanding more and more everday.

2. Both Class

3. Learning

4. For are other classses we where required to do a bubble map which was personaly to me was okay tell I had to do one for every course class. But, I found it not challeging becuase the answers were given to us for example: I walked in call the teacher hands us a map puts an exact copy of the map on the overhead and we where required to copy it and turn it in becuase it was a district requirement .

4.1. All information is copyright and can not be used without permision thank you. Created by Jenevie Montez

5. Homeroom Classes

5.1. Boring and non-entertaining

5.2. It's a very uncontrolled environment at sometimes.

5.3. Hasn't caugth up to the technology used in other schools. But, on the brightside are class coures do teach us what is to be expected on TASKS Tests given.