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Project Plan by Mind Map: Project Plan


1.1. Most games are with male leads

1.2. Females are often the "victim"

1.3. Females are often sexualized

1.4. Many more straight characters, than LGBT+ characters

1.5. Not many diverse cultures in characters

2. Advantages

2.1. Boosts your memory

2.2. Reduces stress and depression

2.3. Sharpens decision making skills

2.3.1. Included

2.3.2. Included

2.3.3. Excluded

3. Rating System

3.1. The system seems equitable

3.1.1. Project specifications

3.1.2. End User requirements

3.1.3. Action points sign-off

3.2. Uses swearing, violence, gore and more, as a way to determine ratings

3.2.1. Developers need to fill questionnaires

4. Appropriate Play

4.1. Ratings help with the right age playing the game

4.2. Many people play games that they are not the age for

4.2.1. Such as CoD, many people that are younger than 17 still play it

4.3. I personally think that the rating system is fine just the way it is, some of the ages could be modified due to some facts.

5. Concerns

5.1. Violence

5.1.1. Leads to people being "murderous"

5.1.2. "Violent" behaviour

5.2. Excessive playing

5.2.1. Grades dropping

5.3. Gender Stereotyping

5.3.1. Females are often the "hopeless princess"

6. Buisness

6.1. Overview

6.1.1. 2007 valued at 44.9 B

6.1.2. 2015 around 91B

6.2. Money

6.2.1. Every 4 years, around 7B is produced

6.2.2. Music(US 2008), Movie(US) and DVD(US) added, is still not the same amount as the video game industry

6.3. Comparison

6.3.1. Music(2008 US) 10.4B Video Games(2008 US) 10.7B