Lack of Support for Teachers

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Lack of Support for Teachers by Mind Map: Lack of Support for Teachers

1. Questions to consider while discussing this topic: What is the real problem?
      What’s the hardest part about problem?    
Are other problems caused by this problem?
    Who or what is currently involved in the problem?
       Who is affected by this problem?

2. Getting students ready for the tech world

2.1. not enough technology available for my students

2.2. more training for the teachers in our to effectively use the technology in their classrom

2.3. technology is always changing how to keep up with what to use

3. lack of funding

3.1. EA budget was cut meaning less trained  support in the classroom

3.2. schools rely on parent council funding for additional needs and therefore schools in economically challenged areas  have access to less resources

3.3. funding from the province doesn't cover the basic needs in some schools