Children Rights

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Children Rights by Mind Map: Children Rights

1. UNICEF:they help support the education for all children to make sure they have the better opportunities instead of discriminating them because of where they live and their age

2. In the future we should keep up the laws,protests and defiantly keep up support groups and also put a lot more education about the cause

3. This group is not fully perfect but I feel is defiantly doing better but not as good as it should because now a days we still here many cases of child abuse/discrimination cases

4. These changes are great for all Canadiens because if we protect children right then Canadian children will be safe and the future generation will hopefully be a physically and mentally stable generation

5. To protect these rights lots of people fight for them making sure the law stays in place and that the children are being treated fairly even though this problem is still far from solved

6. Discrimination:Some children all around the world have been treated very unfairly and underestimated due to the fact that they are children or sometimes because of their gender



9. child slavery:is where people would take or buy children to work for them and do what ever the person wants and this leaves the child disadvantaged because they cant make their own choices and if they were to refuse they could get in trouble and be abused

10. child abuse:Child abuse is anything that can cause a child harm both physicality and mentally leaving the child again disadvantaged

11. 19th century and earlier

12. Still goes on yet today

13. Luckily lots of laws has been put into place also tons of child help lines like "Kids Help Phone" and many of protests/presentations are being done to prevent child discrimination and abuse

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14. (Equality right)everyone should have the right to be treated equally no matter the age,culture,gender, discriminating or making them disadvantaged this is going against what this charter right says

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