The Classroom

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The Classroom by Mind Map: The Classroom

1. Useful Expression in the classroom:

1.1. I have a question.                                        How do you say/ write _________in English?  How do you spell_______________?      I´m sorry, I don´t understand. Can you please explain again?  What is the meaning of_____________?  How do you spell________________?  Can I borrow____________________?

2. Polite Expressions

2.1. Thank you  You´re welcome                                            Excuse me  May I….?                                                        May I go to the bathroom?  May I have permission to go outside?    May I go to drink water

3. Imperatives

3.1. Stand up  Sit down                                                      Open your book/ notebook  Close your book/ notebook                    Read the sentence/ the text  Listen                                                          Listen and repeat