Access to Special Education

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Access to Special Education by Mind Map: Access to Special Education

1. identification process changes

1.1. people seeking private assessments

1.2. consistency throughout the province

1.2.1. teacher understanding of early identification

1.3. is identification process being privatized?

1.4. how can information be relayed to parents, in parent friendly language.

2. workplace skills

2.1. students, not fullfilling their potential

2.2. specialized programs that teach life skills, can be in jeopardy.

2.3. impact on workforce, due to skill development

2.4. strain on social assistance programs if student skills are not developed to best potential.

3. where is the funding going?

3.1. recognizing that we do not control funding and that their is a cap on funding.

3.2. how can schools augment lack of funding for specialized programming?

3.3. what is the role of parent councils, can they be empowered to develop funding models for special education programs?

4. Learning Gaps

4.1. grows when not remediated

4.2. creates inequality

4.3. the need for specialized programs will increase, if learning gaps are not addressed.

5. Questions to consider while discussing this topic: What is the real problem?
 What’s the hardest part about problem? 
Are other problems caused by this problem?
 Who or what is currently involved in the problem?
   Who is affected by this problem?

6. Share with the group in this format: Our problem is…. The hardest part about the problem is… And the people, place or thing that is affected by this problem are….

6.1. Our Problem is: Access to Special Education

6.2. The hardest part about the problem is: it is multi-tiered (webbed net of weaves that change over time). Classroom teachers that have impacts. Special education teachers (maybe in a school) Then board and/or district liasons that implement policies and transfer of information.

6.3. And the people, place or thing that is affected by this problem are: mainly the students are not realizing their potential. Proper identification processes not in place. Teacher standards of practice are impacted by lack of resources, support, professional development, opportunities within special education. The impact on social assistance programs, impact on communities and job access, health care,

7. accessibility

7.1. distance to programming

7.2. if students are relocated from their communities, how does this impact small communities?

7.3. some regions will have more accessible programs, other regions will not have programs at all.