Innovation Conversations predominately about technology

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Innovation Conversations predominately about technology by Mind Map: Innovation Conversations predominately about technology

1. lack of PD focused around technology

1.1. fear of failure

1.2. not having proper infrastructure to support tech

1.3. allocation of funds

1.4. surface level training

1.5. comes down to commitment to learning

2. No formal training in teachers collage

3. Allocation of funds

3.1. funding models

3.2. disconnect between higher ups and teachers on the front lines

3.3. ministry driven focus

3.4. difference of opinion on what is "important"

3.5. interpretation of funds

4. people jump on the bandwagon

4.1. surface level understanding of tech

4.2. students/teachers don't use the tech to their full potential

4.3. stifles creativity

5. Questions to consider while discussing this topic: What is the real problem?
 What’s the hardest part about problem? 
Are other problems caused by this problem?
 Who or what is currently involved in the problem?
   Who is affected by this problem?

6. Share with the group in this format: Our problem is the in effective implementation and under utilization of technology The hardest part about the problem is there is a large disconnect between all levels of education and vested parties And the people, place or thing that is affected by this problem are society and everyone invested in education.