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1. which is a component of balanced literacy

1.1. strengths text sequence

1.2. develops understanding of multiple uses of writing

1.3. supports reading development

1.4. develops writing strategies

1.5. develops active independence

1.6. enables the teacher to provide feedback to individual students

1.7. encourages enjoyment and confidence in writing

1.8. allows students to try out new ways of writing

1.9. supports development in grammar, spelling, and punctuation

1.10. helps students become proficient writers

2. Students write their own pieces. They may

2.1. journal write

2.2. story write

2.3. write narratives

2.4. write comics

2.5. retell stories

2.6. respond to a literature in writing

2.7. label pictures

2.8. use speech ballonons

2.9. write lists

3. Independent Writing Time

3.1. At least 30 minutes of silent time

3.2. Students plan, draft, revise, or edit their writing

3.3. Teacher monitor students' work

3.4. Students choose topics or genres to explore that are meaningful to them

3.5. They write for real audiences

3.6. Teacher helps students who need extra support

3.7. followed by a sharing session

4. Writing Activities

4.1. Spotting, lassoing, and taming real ideas

4.2. Word play

4.3. What If...?

4.4. Show not tell

4.5. A sense of place

4.6. Creating characters

4.7. Hook readers with a good lead

4.8. Writing Circle

4.9. Create a new ending for a story

4.10. Write comics

4.11. Recreate a familiar song

4.12. Write silly rhymes

4.13. Create an advertisement

4.14. Create your own recipe

4.15. Draw a picture and write captions for it

4.16. Write a story to go with a picture

4.17. Write a poem